A cousin of mine show-cased her and her friends' artwork and hand-made paraphernalia at a make-shift basement-turned-art-gallery.
An angle on Milad tower from an alley that reminded me of North Hollywood for some reason.
At Khak art gallery where photographer Ali Ghazi had a show.
Everything you see in this photo you can find in the West. But for some reason it all looks very Iranian. Must be the crooked tiles, or the electricity plug on the wall...
A Spanish dance instructor doing a dance number at a friend's birthday party. Before you go on judging us for having birthday parties when the world seems to be crumbling outside, you should know that in this very small crowd, a man had a best friend shot and killed by you know who and another still has a cousin being held up at you know where for the simple reason of you know what. But it's human nature to want to experience the downs with ups. To behold the beauty and despise the beast.
I decided to take a break from grim city life in Tehran and headed down South to the desert with a few friends.
We stayed at a house in a village named Kolahrud near Moorche-Khort in the Isfahan Province. I was told the village dates back to some 400 years ago. Many of the ruins of the old village were still visible and some were even still being used. Didn't see any kids or anyone younger than 60 for that matter. A river used to run through this place, but the river was no more.
An odd container with a faded writing of "ancient Iran." It could be storing relics of the ancient past for all I know.
Us city folks posing for a photo during our walk across the village.
The place we stayed at along with a series of mismatched furniture typical of cabins that serve as second homes.
A villager woman whose job for the day was to find and or build a natural broom! They raved about the peace of mind they had in their village. They kept saying it's peaceful here and I kept thinking how boring is that!
Back in Tehran. A view from Milad complex overlooking Hemmat Freeway and north western Tehran.
A break from the city...