Important! Photos featured in this and last month's issues are photos submitted by fans of this website. I have not taken any of these photos and though like me the photographers are anonymous, I would hate to take credit for their work. Also, some people submitted captions to go along with their photos. Their captions are in Italics while mine are not.

This is the the photo of my sister holding her 9 month old daughter. I took it from a house in Kheradmand street in Tehran. I like its overall appearance and thought you may find it useful.

A wonderful memory from my childhood is from when my dad bought me an ice-cold cup of Khake Shir in Vanak Square on warm summer nights.
The last stands of un-packaged street-vendor-style fruits and fruit roll ups (lavashak). I haven't tried any of these in years because there's an urban myth that you will get hepatitis eating any of this. Or that they add paint to them to make them look so good!
Both of these pictures were taken in Isfahan. First one is a at the Vank Cathedral. The second one is a door close to our hotel...

I saw this packaging in a store in north-central Tehran. My Tehrani cousin got pretty nervous after my flash went off - lighting up the back of the store. We quickly left when the elderly cashier came over to ask what was going on.

Look closer and you'll notice how the women's bodies are censored by a sharpie and labels!

Who needs a George Foreman grill when you can have Kabob a la Pit Halabi?!

Groovy signage - I haven't a clue what it says but it looks very funky!

It reads "Behrouz Company." You'll find signs like these everywhere in Tehran. And they are relics of the pre-Islamic-Republic Iran. So to the young generation who was born after the revolution they feel like reminders of the days when there were more social freedoms.

Dried barberries - gorgeous to look at and I'm still sprinkling them on my rice at home.
Sleeping with the fish.
The last day of Nowruz holidays is called 13 bedar (Farvardin 13th). People are supposed to leave the cities and stay in nature for the day. It feels great to leave the city behind and breathe life like a free being.

Sunset view from Tagh-Kasra Complex in Aghdasiea, Tehran.

I took this photo while I was riding on the back of a friend's motorcycle. We were riding from Azadi (Freedom) Square in the direction of Enghelab (Revolution) Square . "Vergiss Mein Nicht" which means "Forget me not" in German.
This model of Iran Khodro pick-up truck comes with a personalized live audio entertainment system...

Springtime in northern Iran.

Motorcycles South of Tehran Bazaar.

Much of the city's noise and air pollution in central Tehran is because of these very motorcycles. They are used as speedier transporters in the maddening traffic of what seems to be a 12 hour rush hour! In our failing economy where the unofficial unemployment rate is close to 30%, every other person has a primary income as a transporter of goods and people regardless of their true profession and education level.

Utensil Shop in Tehran Bazaar - aluminum heaven.
Portrait of a man in Isfahan.
Taken in a village in the North of Iran (Shomal) where a family living in a very nice village invited us in for a cup of tea and dates. I was deeply touched by their hospitality and friendliness.