Balals are back on sale on the side of the streets as a tasty summer snack. This month I was preparing for a trip back to the United States and was caught up with a last minute job and was unable to update the website on time. Sorry for the delay! I am now updating from outside of Iran. Needless to say, please continue submitting your Iran photos so that together we remind each other that life goes on in Tehran.
Park = Flat Tire.
A crack on the ceiling in my room. Every now and then the government feels the need to cause major panic in the streets of Tehran by reminding the public that a major earthquake is set to destroy Tehran and kill millions in the process. In their latest assault they even went as far as saying immoral acts and disobedience from Islamic laws (women's hair coverage for example) will cause earthquakes.
An ayatollah takes the ring.
Catching up with a friend at a cafe in Gandhi shopping center.
Handicrafts good as gifts for your mom, specially if you haven't seen her in two years!
At a lab where people are getting their blood tests.
After hours at an old-school bowling alley that has seen better days.
Two workers putting the final touches on a luxury apartment building in northern Tehran.
A beat-up cooler in a beat-up office building.
A hipster music store.
Left-overs of two popular dishes at parties -- Beef Stroganoff and Lasagna.
A man selling two puppies on the side of the street. Technically pets are illegal in Iran. But that doesn't stop people from buying their cats and dogs. Even if it takes buying them from a shady dude! And for some reason pet food isn't illegal. So you can actually buy pet food in most stores.
There's always a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Judge for yourself if this fellow who has climbed up this high without a safety harness is brave or just stupid!
Drove down to Isfahan for the one year anniversary of my uncle's passing. People gathered to pay respect and a couple of local musicians sang traditional Iranian songs.