A couple of months ago I left Iran in order to visit my friends and family back in the States. Naturally, I have been unable to update the site as I should. I did however asked that fans submit their own Iran photos. What you see is an accumulated collection of photos from various photographers who were kind enough to share them with us.

I would like to file this under "So ugly it's beautiful" category. Tools necessary for washing one's behind after using the toilet: a shilang and an aftabeh.

A grim view of an Iran Air plane. Recent sanctions aren't making these flights any safer.
A theme park ride at a local park! There are in fact theme parks in Iran full with roller coasters. But since safety isn't exactly a top priority in Iran, most people manage to stay away from them.
A soldier and a chadori woman.

A salesman at the bazaar.

A selection of colorful necklaces and goods.
A detailed window at what appears to be a calligraphy shop.
An antique door. Notice there are two handles for knocking. Men used one while women used the other. This way the residents knew if a stranger man is at the door or not and the women in the house would have covered up accordingly.
Remains of a Tea Party gathering -- the Iran chapter!
Recently renovated Tajrish Bazaar in northern Tehran.
Three doors in a row in a traditional home.
Two red dresses hanging on the wall.

Various bowls of Turquoise (Firouzeh) rock on display at a store.

The Islamic Republic's propaganda machine is working with full force to try and create the illusion of a republic that is Islamic and unified with support of an undisputed majority of its population.
A graveyard looking as depressing as ever.
Fruits and vegetables that are in season becoming less and less affordable for the average Iranian.
An assortment of random goods (or crap, depending on how you look at it!). The Chinese plague has taken over the Iranian bazaars as well.
At an ajili store where a kilo of dried watermelon seeds will cost you 9000 Tomans ($9). Not sure how an average Iranian making $300 a month can afford to shop anymore.

An old man driving for living in the smog-infested dangerous streets of Tehran. You have not experienced life in Tehran if you haven't had conversations with these genuinely nice and hardworking people. They come from all walks of life. Over the past two months I've been realizing how much I've grown to dislike life in Tehran. I love Iran more when I am not living in it. What bothers me about life in Tehran is not so much the missing ingredients of the more comfortable life in the West, but rather the atmosphere of fear, paranoia and mistrust that makes life a living hell... If you're a Tea Party sympathizer and a big fan of Glen Becks and Sarah Palins of the world, perhaps you should move to Iran as it would be the ideal country for you. Because a theocracy is what they're after and life in Tehran is a living proof of what a conservative "party of God" will get you!