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  • October 1, 2009 -- For the first time in 30 months I have no photos to share. I still can't bring myself to share my thoughts. I still can't speak. I hate my Nokia phone more and more every day and I can't find the will to use it to snap shots of daily life. What is daily life if not with the most basic of human rights? But I am hopeful that the day will come when I will once again be motivated to continue what has been a joyful reliving and celebration of a life that goes on and on and on... in Tehran.


  • November 1, 2009 -- I've been thinking a lot about why I haven't been taking pictures or why I no longer have the will to upload new issues. The best explanation I can come up with -- and I hope it's not just an excuse -- is that I need to first find the perspective I once had, or thought I had. I was always an outsider looking in or an insider looking out and could have the perspective of an "other" to spice up my comments and present a more complete picture of life in Tehran. But right now I feel like an insider looking in without the ability to rise above the socio-political landscape that surrounds me. I am hoping that time will provide me with that perspective. Maybe next month... Meanwhile, thank you to all of you who have voiced your concerns and wishes. I am sorry if I am letting you down in any way. But I hope to be back on track soon enough... For time being let this site serve as a slice of life in Tehran.


  • Issue 31: December 1, 2009